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Lanbao CR30 series capacitive proximity sensors

  • Lanbao CR30 series is of capactive proximity sensors designed for general detection of feed, grain, and solid materials, which also provides great functionality and is easy to operate. The CR30 capactive proximity sensors detect objects and levels regardless of color, reflectance and gloss of the surfaces.The sensor is CE, UL and EAC approved. The switching distance can be set over a wie range with the potentiometer. IP67 protection class which is effectively moisture-proof and dust-proof.High reliability, excellent EMC design with protection against short circuit, overloaded and reverse polarity.

Down loads PDF:Standard function-CR30-DC 3&4-wire

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Lanbao CR30 series capacitive proximity sensors

Be able to detect both metal and nonmetal objects;

  • Detection of conductive and non-conductive materials including metal, iron, stone, plastic, water, and grain;
  • Be able to detect various media via nonmetallic container;
  • Reliable liquid level detection;
  • Sensibility could be adjusted by potentiometer;
  • Sensing distance: 10mm, 15mm
  • Housing size: 30mm diameter
  • Housing material: Nickel-copper alloy,plastic PBT
  • Output: NPN,PNP, DC 3 /4 wires
  • Connection: Cable, M12 connector
  • Mounting: Flush, non-flush
  • Short-circuit, overload and reverse polarity
  • Ambient temperature:-25℃…70℃
  • Protection degree:IP67
  • Approved by CE, UL and EAC