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light curtain MH20 series Model 

Emitter light curtain

  • MH20-T1605L-F2,MH20-T3205L-F2,MH20-T4805L-F2,MH20-T6405L-F2,MH20-T8005L-F2,MH20-T9605L-F2,MH20-T11205L-F2

Receiver light curtain

  • MH20-T1605LS1DA-F8,MH20-T3205LS1DA-F8,MH20-T4805LS1DA-F8,MH20-T6405LS1DA-F8,MH20-T8005LS1DA-F8,MH20-T9605LS1DA-F8,MH20-T11205LS1DA-F8

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light curtain MH20 series

Features light curtain

  • RS485 synchronous scanning technology, stronge anti interference function;
  • ม่านลำแสง Various detection height, from 300mm to 2220mm;
  • Optic axis distance:20mm;
  • Dual switch control with two-way switch value and RS485 output;
  • Faul+alarm and fault diagnosis function