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Function features

  •  Measuring three-phase AC voltage, current, voltage / current unbalance rate, four-quadrant power, active / reactive power, power factor, frequency, maximum / minimum.
  • Voltage to current ratio programmable.
  • Working hours, load time statistics.
  • Support up to 31th harmonic calculation.
  • 1 –way RS485 communication interface, Modbus protocol.
  • Can be extended 2-way passive switch value input.
  • Can be extended 2-way relay output.
  • Can be extended 1-way 4-20mA analog output.
  • 1 road passive optical coupler collector active pulse output.
  • Can be extended 1-way PT100 temperature input.
  • Excellent temperature characteristics and work stability.
  • FSTN large screen LCD, bright LED backlight uniform display, in the bright light and large viewing angle environment to obtain a good visual effect.
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KPM53 series of three-phase smart power meter with accurate measurement of power parameters, the instrument uses advanced ARM processor and digital signal processing technology designed from the set of three-phase electrical parameters measurement, display, power statistics, power quality analysis, digital input / Output and network communications in one; with high precision, strong isolation, stable performance, anti-interference ability and a little; the instrument also has a very strong expansion capabilities, such as monitoring of external switching action, 4-20mA analog output, but also The network management of the instrument can be realized through RS-485 / Modbus communication protocol.

Application occasion

  •  Alternative analog pointer table.
  •  Display and control of electrical parameters in mid-low voltage distribution System.
  •  Collect energy consumption data that cost center analysis needs.
  • Green building or DC.
  •  size 96×96 mm