Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter

฿8,500.00 Excluding tex

Other helpful features:
Improves visibility with backlit, three-line display
Offers minimum/maximum tracking to measure the room’s diagonal and horizontal distance from a stable measurement point
Offers battery life of 5000 measurements with automatic shut-off feature
Allows mounting on a tripod for stable long distance measurements
Includes stake out function for marking off defined measured lengths
Offers improved visibility with three-line, backlit display
Stores the last twenty 20 complete displays for quick recall
Provides strong environmental protection with IP54 (water spray and dust proof) sealing
Powered by two AAA batteries


Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter

Key features
Versatile laser distance meter that instantly measures up to 100 m with one-button point-and-click operation
Quickly calculates area (square feet/meters) and volume
Offers enhanced Pythagoras calculation for determining distance indirectly from three other measurements
Provides easy to-use addition and subtraction function

  • FLUKE 417D40M
  • FLUKE 419D80M
  • FLUKE 424D100M
  • FLUKE 404E 40M
  • FLUKE 406E60M   
  • FLUKE 40550M       
  • FLUKE 40880M         
  • FLUKE 410100M


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ขนาด 20 × 20 × 20 เซนติเมตร