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Single-phase energy meter Carlo gavazzi


Single-phase energy analyzer with backlit LCD display with integrated touch

keypad. Particularly indicated for active energy metering and for cost allocation in

applications up to 32 A (directconnection) or up to 300 A (CT connection), with dual tariff management availability.

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Single-phase energy meter Carlo gavazzi


Single phase energy analyzer

  • Class 1 (kWh) according to EN62053-21
  • Class B (kWh) according to EN50470-3
  • Accuracy ±0.5% RDG (current/voltage)
  • Current measurement via CT up to 300 A (AV5)
  • Rated primary current: 32 A (AV7, AV8)
  • Max primary current: 45 A (AV7, AV8)
  • Max cable cross section: 6 mm2
  • Backlit LCD display with integrated touch key-pad
  • Energy readout on display: 7 digit
  • Variable readout on display: 4 digit
  • Energy measurement: kWh and kvarh (imported/exported); kWh+ by 2 tariffs
  • System variables, kW, kvar, V, A, PF, Hz, kWdmd, kWdmd peak
  • Self power supply
  • Dimensions: 1-DIN module
  • Protection degree (front): IP51
  • Pulse output (optional, by open collector PNP)
  • RS485 Modbus port (optional)
  • M-Bus port (optional)
  • Digital input (for tariff management)
  • Easy connection or wrong current direction detection